triviums my fav band i can play most of pull harder and gunshot
do u guys know any other easy song by trivium
three years
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the rhythm part for ascendancy is easy if you can alt pick well. and declaration is fun to play too
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Entrance of The Conflagration, basically anything from The Crusade cd..or try Rain or Like Light To Flies..easy song
Dying in your arms is insanely easy try that, so is like light to the flies
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erm, dying in your arms and and sadness will sear are probably the easiest,
but like light to flies and becoming the dragon,Detonation,Anthem is cool also
yeah dying in your arms is easy. the solo is (obviously) the difficult bit, but after a bit of time you can get it
songs from the crusade are very difficult aren't they?
I think Dying In Your Arms is the easiest Trivium song
and then Like Light To The Flies, To The Rats is pretty easy as well