I really wanna put some new pickups in a Epiphone Les Paul that is routed for three humbuckers. I kind of want it to be versitile because I play just about everything from metal to jazz. I was wondering what you guys would think the best combo would be.

Thanks for the help!
SD Jazz (n)
SD '59 (m)
SD JB (b)
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...I don't think you'll find THE combo you're looking for until you convince people to elaborate a little on their choices, because the stuff I'm seing here is completely erratic.
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SD Alnico Pro II-Neck
SD '59-Middle
Gibbo Burstbucker Pro-Bridge

what a fun combination.

u mean:
SD Alnico Pro II - neck
SD '59 model - middle
SD Pearly Gates - Bridge

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If you're looking for a good value upgrade (e.g you don't want to spend +£200 on a new set of pups), look into IronGear and Tonerider. I know first hand that IronGear can give SD and DiMarzio a run for their money at a fraction of their price, and from what I hear Tonerider are the same kind of idea. Seeing as you're in the States Tonerider would probably be better for you, as IronGear are a pretty small UK company (though if you e-mail Keith at Axetec then he'll happily arrange overseas shipping for you) while Tonerider are based across the Pond. One might also argue that Toneriders' scatter-winding trumps IronGears' machine-winding.

I would suggest a Rocksong set for Bridge and Neck and perhaps, for the sake of variety, a Rebel 90 in the Middle. Mind on however that the Rebel 90 is actually a Humbucker-sized single coil P90, so this would actually change your setup to H-S-H (you might feel the urge to swap the bridge Rocksong and Rebel 90, resulting in S-H-H, but I would say that H-S-H is the better option in terms of versitality, and it's worth keeping in mind that the Rocksong will be specially wound for the Bridge position), a different kind of idea. However, if versitality and general all-round tone at a sensible price is what you're after, you have your option.

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Seymour Duncan SH2 Jazz Neck
Gibson P94, or Seymour Duncan Phat Cat Middle
Seymour Duncan JB, or Gibson Burstbucker 2 Bridge

Or the GFS equivalent of all of the above if you're on a budget.
This thread is going to be closed because you have to post your pickup questions in the pickup thread. I'm not saying whether i agree or disagree, i'm just saying that's what's going to happen.

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