Okay, I am trying to learn Weezer's Butterfly. But all the tabs I see have the following chords - G Em C D, G, etc. and that sounds good when I play it alone. But, when I try and play it along with the song though it just doesn't sound right at all. Would anyone happen to know what the problem might be?

Thank you!!
Weezer usually tunes down 1/2 step, to Eb. Try that and listen again.

Edit: The Power Tab has the same chords. The performance notes do say to tune down 1/2 step.
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Hey thanks but I am still kind of a beginner and haven't done any alternate tunings yet.
How difficult would it be to do that? I would probably screw up my guitar or something. It does sound okay without tuning down but I really needed a little help from playing along with the CD.
tune the E string so it sounds the same as the 6th fret of the A string, etc etc. or use an electronic tuner if you have one