He whats up everyone!! I am trying to write my first full length song!! I dont have much experience in this, so i need your help!! Ok its kinda a Pantera sounding song as far as the rythm goes heavy and I have most of the rythm down all i need is help on writing the lead guitar and the solo. Ok I think this song is in the key of E ok which modes/scales would be real good for metal, and does it limit me to only staying in for example staying in E Dorian? Or can I go to F and such? Thanks ahead of time!!!
Pantera you say? perfect. if its in E work around in pentatonics. do some old hendrix and wylde style **** and it should sound good.
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If you are playing over power chords (that just have the root and the 5th in the chord), then you can solo using either major or minor pentatonic.

If you actually complete the triad (for example you add a minor 3rd to an E power chord) , then you could only play the minor pentatonic scale for your solo (as well as all other minor scales and modes)

Power chords give you more options for scales to use but they make it harder to solo effectively sometimes (it is easier to solo when the key is firmly established by using full triads)

Hope this helps.

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minor pentatonic scales work good, Dimebag Darrel used the blues scale alot for his riffs and solos.
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Use dimebags phrasing style and licks if you like his leads so much.

Try to sound and play like yourself, not like someone you think is good, as not everyone likes dimebag, actually I know more people that think he's a hack than a genious. You'd never know, being original could sound good.

And use more than 2 modes in you solo, use the mode that works over the chord thats played under you. Don't just restrict yourself to E dorian and F phrygian.
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I'm not sayin I am tryin to play like him I said that it's in that kind of style, and thanx for your advice every1!