I just joined today and I've been browsing all the forums and what not. I'm big into writing (four years) and I think it might be good to see how well I fare publicly. I've never posted on these types of websites so go easy.

Vita Rara

a ghost lily knits together her hair,
these carnival times,
these musical times.
I struggled with the day and she
struggled with her sunny taste,
she wore those flowers like
a battleship wears black lace.

her haunting step split cobbled walks,
that carnival stare,
her choking stare.
her lips aren't moving now, just
pale red idols, cold and still.
Her jump from bridge to water,
I watched her hair set sail.
The ghosts from our past would reach upwards,
And break the tide that took her,
They’ll take her down,
and down to the parlor at
the bottom of the sea.

such sweetly we displayed her
wearing the robes so wet and so warm.
Waterlogged, we hid beneath the
fluorescent bulbs. We hid under the
calm and the reason of grief. I grabbed
the back of the chair and I squeezed
the splinters into my palm, and when I
felt her face, I left my mark in
lacquered wood.