oka i wanna put a new bridge in my guitar kuz i have to say my whammy bar sucks it only goes one way... down.. an people are telling me to get a floyd rose? wat is that an how will this help me complete whammy bar harmonics? an how much would an alteration of my guitars bridge roughtly cost me ?
this thread is unnecessary, just ask this in your last thread
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Ok, I have played many guitars with Floyd Rose tromolos on them and I own a guitar with one. Trust me, this will definatley be a worthy purchase, but I don't know if you can get one installed on a guitar... and it will probobly cost a lot of money to do so. My suggestion is to look for that in the next guitar you buy. Try to find something with a Floyd Rose locking tromolo, which will lock your strings in place and keep them from going out of tune. With my guitar, I can push the whammy down so far it touches the body of the guitar, and it stays in tune.
I personally hate Floyd Rose's

and yes, my guitar has it.

I hate them only because it's a bitch when a string breaks
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