umm..I'm not sure if theres a name for it but he's either using an e-bow or hes coordinating his picking so that he he hits it right before he turns the volume all the way down to produce a violin bow kinda sound.
Vibrato, you kinda bend the string and release it a very small amount, and do it a few times rapidly. Eventually, you'll start to do it automatically when you're holding a note.
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He is using the volume knob.

When turned up and down like that, it sounds like a violin.
He's just playing around with the volume knob on his strat...that while picking notes and using vibrato with his fretting hand.
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It looks like he's using volume swells
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it's called a volume "swell". you can do it with a volume pedal easier than the volume knob, but u can do what chase312 said. u pick when the volume is at 1, and then swell it so it doesn't pick up the pick attack, but slowly swells.
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Check out Yngwie when he does those rapid swells... I can't stand the guy, but his technique is impeccable, and his swells are marvelous.
Volume swells and vibrato...Fruciante FTW
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OMG the noob doent have a volume pedal. ITS CALLED FADE-IN and you need a volume pedal you hit the note and start increasing the volume slowly
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Also, most people will think of this as cheating, but some of the multi-fx pedals will have an effect called "Slow Attack" or something like that, that basically volume swells each note. Its cool because you can change parameters for the rate of the swell, etc.