So my new band decided to cover the Lynyrd Skynyrd Classic. We are a very new band and only have had two practices b4 getting together to record today. Our recording setup is very ghetto, but as you will see it actually sounds quite decent. It's two mics hanging from the ceiling, and we did the vocals seperately. Anyway I'm dying to know what you people think. I am a very amateur recorder, and we setup our little studio in the bass player bassment, among scatter dirty laundry, and many other things. But for two practices, what do you guys think, and in general, without considering how long we're been playing together what do you think? I'm dying to hear from you! =)

I think that is a pretty decent cover.
I usually do a solo acoustic cover, but I like your guys' sound.
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for how long you've claimed to be formed, Simple Man sounds surprisingly good. Sounds like all the players in the band have some real talent. I especially like the vocals, really good. You're right on the sound, not the best I've heard for sure, but for a "ghetto" set up, sounds damn clear. Look forward to hearing more from you.

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It sounded good... however, I was much more impressed with your "metal demo." It expressed a very wide range of different metal types, from speed to "epic" (for lack of better term). It also shows that you all play together fairly well and have good chemistry as a band, which is a good sign, considering that is where most bands fail.... its not that they aren't talented (usually) its that they don't sound good together... so good job on that.

The only thing on the metal demo is that the intro, the BG and the solo didn't work well together... both were fine individually... but they didn't flow well together, felt like you chopped a solo out of another song and just through it on top of hte BG recording. Very impressive still.
O yea............err...............thats all me the metal demo........................All the guitars and writing is me, and the drums are loops............. hehe thanks tho man, we do play that together tho, vocals will be on it soon.