i dont think he meant stratocaster
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It depends. The original Fender Starcasters are great guitars. The new Fender Starcaster is just a cheap Strat knock-off. If you're referring to the latter, don't get it. It blows.
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i dont think he meant stratocaster

Oh, Starcaster, I thought it said stratocaster
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how much are stratocasters usually?

That depends, you'll find that the price of what is basically a strat can and will vary from £100 ($200) to about £2500 ($5000), depending on the brand, model and where it was made.
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Whats an epoch and a starcaster? I don't think you can get them in Britain...
@Zaphod: Ok thx

@subergerbil: they are basically ****ty target and best buy guitars and they shouldnt be sold...some are basically ok,but some fall apart wen you take it out of the box or so
My first guitar was the starcaster. I absolutely hate that thing. The tone is crap, the fret bars were sticking out and scratching me badly so I had to sand it down, and the fret buzz is horrid. Go to guitar center. Dont make the same mistake I did.
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i dont think i have a guitar center anywhere near me, but i do have some small music shops around my area