I'm thinking of starting a Bob Marley cover band out in Santa Barbara when i go back to school, and I was wondering if any of you knew how to get the classic "tkh...tkh...tkh..." sound of reggae rythm guitar. I think humbuckers work better than single coils but I'm not sure. Any amp settings/reverb or whatever would help too. Oh and if anyone knows about reggae keyboard sounds, drumming, vocal effects and whatnot any help is helpful. Thanks a lot!
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Anything clean really.

The keyboard.... I have discovered that this was wrong so... EDIT: Organ models

Lots of high toms on the drums, with a high hat.

Hope that was at least a little bit helpful.
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i play an epiphone sg and use a dunlop 535q wah and get a nice reggae sound. i use the neck pickup too
Reggae keyboards are pretty much always organs (hammonds).
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Hammond organ for the keyboard like the guy above said

Now to get the offbeat sounds you just fret lightly with a clean amp and maybe a tiny bit of reverb if you want it.
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having a wah pedal just set it one position helps to get that vocal sort of sound on the rhythm guitar as well