I'm just teaching myself fingerpicking and I dont want to have to unlearn bad techniques. So my problem is about you go attack the strings. I taught myself to flick each string down using my nail but I notice that most people hit each string upward with the tips of their fingers. Is that good or bad? Also, does it matter whether you use your bare finger or your nail. I notice that the tone is stronger using nails. Thanks in advance
It's all preference.

I would suggest picking upward though.

Some artists, like John Butler by fake nails just so they can play with them, but some people prefer to play without them. Whatever suits you.
Nails are better. You can also use thumb and index finger for pick and m a i for other 3 strings. Look at some classical techniques - rest stroke for louder, slower passages and free stroke for faster ones.
Nails. There are different strokes you can give a string. Standard(freestroke) is a strong pluck up. Get as much sound as possible. There is also a rest stroke. That is when you lean into the next string after plucking. Always do that with your thumb. If you want bright sound you can also do it with your fingers it depends what you want.
well a lot of flamenco players use the downstroke method, but standard fingerpicking style used in classical musice is to pick the note with and upstroke except for P which you play down with ure thumb
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