soo how much difference is there between an explorer and a les paul??how about an explorer and a strat??especialy the neck?
Can't say about LP, but the strat neck is much thinner, of course the tone is different between HSS or SSS than the Xplorer's HH...

You can sit down easier with a strat, and they are lighter.
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well body wise and tone wise,it depends on the woods the guitars are made out of.assuming the LP is mahogany,and the explorer is too,they will both have a deeper tone which will be much thicker.but an explorer and a strat are two different things,a strat is usually a lighter sound tone wood.even with a humbucker.a strat will have a thinner sound but can be made to sound similar to a LP or Explorer.but as far as necks go,it depends on the shape of the neck,how thin,wide,its scale.
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Explorers are all mahogany with ceramic humbuckers.

Les Pauls have more mahogany and a maple top with Alnico humbuckers.

Strats are alder with 3 single coils.
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if im used to a strat then do u think i would be able to play an explorer easy??

It will take a few to get use to. I would be suprised if your playing was similar or better than on the strat.
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An explorer might be easy (except for playing sitting, v-shape...)
but changing to an LP might be harder, it's neck is kinda slower than the strat's, its much heavier, and it's harder to access the upper frets.
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