Lately I've been trying to practice this song called "Final Fantasy VII Battle Theme". Most of you probably don't know it. Here is the song so you can get the music idea. The tab I have is not exactly shown in the video.


There is a part in the song that is really difficult for me to play for some reason. It is at the beginning.

1--1--1--1--1--1--1--1--1--1 (High E)
1---------1---------1---------1 (B)
* * * *

* = palm mute

and the other part, which is later in the song.

-------------1--1-------------1--1---------------1--1 (High E)
-------------1--1-------------1--1---------------1--1 (B)
-------------------------------------------------------- (G)
--------3-----------------3------------------3-------- (D)

Now my problem is, trying to get the sound out. I think I'm doing my palm mute technique wrong but when I play the note its almost as if I'm fully muting the thing. Maybe I shouldn't palm mute? But I've never P.Med for the higher notes before, so I'm not sure how it would work. I've only done it for E and A. So I'm not really used to it.

My 2nd problem is, I don't know how to position my fingers for the 2nd tab I wrote, cause for me, thats pretty damn hard.

Any tips?
im not sure i understand your questions fully, but ill try to answer.

first of all, for palm muting... just back off a little. youre probably just too far onto the strings, and thus ARE fully muting them. it takes practice, but it should feel fairly natural after you get it.

and for the second part, just bar the B and E on the first fret with your index finger, and hit the third fret of the D with whatever finger you wish (id recommend ring/pinky fingers)... and just hold these. if you dont want the sounds to overlap, you can just loosen up and your fingers will mute the strings... just remember to press them back down again when you want to play those notes.
As i've never herd that song, i don't know what it sounds like and i guess i can't really help you with yer 1st question.

For the 2nd question, the way i'ld play it would be my pinky (or more likely the ring finger) on the 3rd fret and my index finger fretting the 1st frets on the B and High E strings. Don't take yer fingers off those frets and play em.
Or its just a really simplified version of a bar chord. Just do what the guy above me said...