Next summer I have decided that I want to work hard and get a 2,200$ or so JEM. The thought both excites me and scares me, because it is such a beautiful guitar that I would be afraid that I would treat it badly or scuff it or anything!

So any of you out there with 2000+, 3000, or any guitar that you spent a good amount of money on, what is it like owning something so exotic? Do you worry about smacking it on something, or dropping it? Do you clean it, or polish it often? What I'm worried about is that I might not take the necessary time to clean the fretboard etc. I'd just hate to see an investment like that go to waste!
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I spent €350 on my guitar. Its cheap but sounds as good as a guitar worth more than twice its price.

Once i get better and my band starts doing good, i'll first move to an ESP LTD Eclipse... then later to a Les Paul or an SG...
I've got a couple of cheap guitars, a couple of expensive ones (and a mid-price bass too as it so happens) - personally, I see no reason to treat any of them any different to each other, I just play 'em all about the same amount, if one took a bad bump or broke in some way then I'd be equally pissed for the cheap ones as I would be for the expensive ones. I don't treat the expensive ones with any more care than I treat my cheaper ones, I don't use them any more or less.

Really how much a guitar cost means nothing to me. Certainly, I've gotten no 'special feeling' from owning a £5000 guitar compared to a £800 one. So long as it sounds good, plays well and looks good, that's what's special to me.
I used to own a pub in England, where once a month we had an open mike night.
One day one of my mates guitar went wonky, so he borrowed my Fender Eric Johnson Strat for a few songs.
When he first used it his words were "Jesus, this thing almost plays itself!"
which made me quite proud. The EJ cost me £1350 about $2700 and i love it to death. I try not to go for cheap guitars, even though i'm sure there are some very good ones out there. I'm not rich, not by a long way, but it just so happens that of all my guitars, the cheapest is the Gibson at £800 ($1600).
If you're very knowledgeable about guitars (i am not really, but i get by), then you may see things on a cheaper guitar that i miss.
The moral of the story is.....i'm happy with my relatively expensive axes (see sig), but there are some very good cheaper ones out there, just buy what you're comfortable with and enjoy it. Oh and don't worry about treating it with kid gloves, treat it as any other guitar, i think if you're scared to handle it any differently from a cheaper guitar then you won't get the most out of it, clean it more thoroughly but that's about all.
Good luck.
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I'm getting a new guitar next month, (around 1000 dollars) and I expect I'll treat it like the holy grail for the first month or so. (not that I'll go easy with my playing on it, but I'll make damn sure it doesn't bump into a wall or anything.) But eventually I'll treat it just like I treat my 200 diollar guitar now. Thats what happened when with my computer