Hello, new guitar player here looking at buying a nicer used guitar rather than pay for a new guitar at GC or other.

A local seller has an excellent condition Gibson LP Classic circa 1997 for sale at $1000. Everything looks fine, no chips or dings, nor any buckle rash. The frets look great and the neck looks straight to this untrained eye. Pickguard shows little if any wear as well.

Is $1000 a fair price for this model and year?

How new a player are you? That's a good price, but not to be patronising, bt it's always good to get something low or mid-range priced like a korean/jap fender, or an epiphone, just to see if you're happy with playing.
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$1000 is a good price for a Gibson LP Classic if it really is in very good condition. They can be twice that much new.

That said, if you're a new player, it's not really worth you getting something like that. Having a top-line guitar - used or not - isn't going to make you sound any better when you're starting out, and if you decide actually guitar playing isn't for you, you're wasting a lot of money.

If you want something decent and you're set on a Les Paul guitar but you're starting out, you'd be better off buying something like a mid or top-end Epiphone LP (such as an Epi LP Custom), then spend more money on getting a very nice amp. Maybe upgrade the guitar with some slightly nicer pickups wif you've really got money to burn.

But spending $1000 just on the one guitar when you're starting out... probably not the best idea.
I've owned two of them, a 2000 Tobacco burst and a 98 Honeyburst and paid 1300 a piece used. They did have Burstbuckers, though.
1000 is a great deal if the guitar has no issues. Look real hard in different lighting at the back of the headstock for repairs and finish cracks, stuff like that.