I've had some problems with my godin for awhile now -- for one, there's a rust issue

I'm restringing my godin now, and I realized the strings got rusty, but hell, even teh screws holding the pickups and the springs on the bridge (the ones under the bridge saddles, not the trem springs) are rusty as all hell. I mean, I don't have central air, or a dehumidifier, but it shouldn't be THAT much of a problem.

I think I might go get the whole thing set up again anyway today, and replace all the rusty parts, as well as having the tech see if anything else is wrong.

on another note, since I got the guitar, there hasn't been a single bit of buzz on the guitar, but the higher notes just don't get good tone on it. It's not the pickups, they're fine, its the sound itself. The bends way up the neck don't have character as any other guitar I've played, and the notes seem to shrill and high to be of much use. They ARE The right notes though.

is that just the tone of the guitar, or would raising the action or something help?

anyway, I'm going to have a tech clean it up a bit later, but any advice?

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Yeah, I've had my Godin Freeway Classic for a year now all my humbucker screws have lost their paint I've tryied colouring with permanent markers they keep coming off
The screws do tend to rust in humidity. For once it means that they're not made of aluminum or putty metals - that's important for springs as they have to be steel to work properly (unofrtunately that means they rust). My pickup holder screws on all of my guitars tend to develop rust in Toronto summers...

As for the sound, get 'er set up.
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