I've been getting more and more into slide playing lately and i feel my crappy slides are holding me back. The first one i have is a very heavy brass one that's so big it fits over my thumb and then some. My other one is glass but it's tiny and barely fits over my pinky and is so dainty i have to push pretty hard against the strings so there isn't a ton of buzz (or to make any sound at all). IYO what is the best slide out there? I've been thinking of getting a mudslide because it seems like a good cross between metal and glass.
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i like heavy glass ones, but its all just down to personal preference and what sound you want
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Make an authentic bottleneck slide. They sound really good, and nothing beats playing with stuff you made yourself. Proper bluesy feel to it. They have soul.
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You can also go to the plumbing supply store and get a piece of pipe of the diameter and thickness of your choice. Cut it to the desired length, ream the burr from the cut end, a little emery cloth to sand the ends and have a custom slide. Brass would be best. Also lamp stores sometimes carry assorted lamp fittings that are already plated and dressed.
i prefer Brass slides over all others. but its basically all personal preference. most people are going to go with glass becasue its is lighter and easier to handle. but i think that the brss gets a better sound. and also brass doesnt break when it hits the ground.
i doubt its your slide thats holding you back the best slide solo i ever saw was on a mic stand......... however glass will gives a smoother sound i prefer this for clean and a steel slide for overdriven sounds........... just experiment
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I like glass.
Dunlop makes one out of pyrex glass, which is nice and warm. It's pretty cheap too.
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