Im a 16 yr old girl living in Floridaand im kinda sheltered because of my parents. Ive never done anything more than making out....so can someone give me some bj tips/techniques
Do it to men, not women.
...That's all I can help with
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The penis is good to practice on. You can then move on from there, but most people usually start with the penis.
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Do it to men, not women.
...That's all I can help with

I couldnt figure that one out for myself...thanks a lot
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TS take it to the sex thread.

denizenz grow up, it wasn't funny the first few times, and it's just sadly pathetic now.


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um.....prove your a chick.

at any rate, use the teeth that's the way to go

Are u kidding me? do u want a pic or something
Heh. Sex thread, yo.
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