MidnightThunder's post about online college courses for music sparked my idea to make this thread. Basically, this is my senior year of high school and I'll be going off to college next fall. One thing I've considered studying in college in music, but I'm not sure what it would be like. If you go to learn Guitar Performance, which is an option at the college I will probably be attending, do you have to learn how to read tablature and play classical music or is it more modern era related?
most would involve learning reading standard notation, forget about any tabs

and most will be either aimed at classical guitar or jazz guitar at best
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well as far as i know, there seems to be a watershed of sorts between classical guitar and contemporaray guitar, in many music colleges, like bereklee or trinity, there is a definite choice between what you want to persue, though it is advisable that you learn how to read sheet music, cause if ur gonna be a musician, then it's really a must, otherwise yaa,,,there is a choice between the two forms bro.
In most colleges you would be studying classical guitar. You should be able to read sheet and be able to transcribe simple pieces by ear without an instrument before you go.
You will focus on jazz or classical. Notation is a must.
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For those who have done it, do you feel it was what you thought it would be or not? Does it ever break down into the specific genres your interested in playing or does it stay classical the duration of your studies?
It depends on what school you go to and what they offer, but everything is going to be based off jazz and classical for primary studies. You may have the option of taking something like a Blues lab or course in Latin styles.

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I am a student at Indiana University Jacobs School of Music, taking music classes in theory, aural skills, counterpoint and composition. No matter what instrument you play, everyone has to take the same theory and aural skills classes.

Music classes in college are definitely on another level compared to high school (at least it was for me).

As far as what is covered, at IU the focus is predominantly on classical music styles of harmony and form. The first two semesters of theory covered the basic diatonic and chromatic harmony and the 3rd and 4th semesters they combined a bit of music history to show how music evolved in a chronological sequence (from the Renaissance era to the late Romantic to 20th century music)

Aural skills basically drills you on all the things you learn in theory classes but instead of reading from a score, you have to identify stuff by ear and write it down (it gets pretty darn difficult!!), but aural skills definitely improved my musical skills to vastly higher levels.

Anyway, sorry for the rant, hope you find some of this helpful, if you have questions, feel free to e-mail me.

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