Whats a 1970 Sigma accoustic worth? Are they any good? Its about time I research the guitar I've been playing for over a year.
Wow, well Sigma is a brand owned by Martin and their very similar guitars. Sigma started in 1970 so you have a first year model. It seems like that would make it worth atleast a pretty good bit.
I took this from Sigma's website, this should help you.

"Sigma Serial Numbers do not provide an indicator of the year in which a particular model was built. However, most Sigma models were offered only for a limited number of years, so that most models' construction dates can be narrowed down to a reasonable range.

UsedPrice.com maintains a data base of market prices for used instruments, which is used as a reference source by retail dealers, insurance companies, manufacturers, libraries, pawnbrokers, etc. The construction dates and other data may not be completely accurate but they provide a general sense of when particular models were offered.

If you want to know how much your Sigma guitar is worth, you may click HERE to reach their web site, where for $3.99 you can obtain an estimate of the current value for your instrument.

Please note that the inclusion of this link in this site should not be interpreted as an endorsement by Sigma Instruments or by its parent, C.F. Martin & Co."
Ok, thanks. I'm not looking to sell it anytime soon, its a great guitar(currently my only guitar). I don't need the exact value right now, but I was in an arguement pitting my Sigma vs. a friends Yamaha EG 112(strat copy) also...lol.
I've got a sigma DT-3 steel string. No idea how old it is but with a fresh set of strings it's fantastic! Quality is really nice, flamed top, sides and back, in vintage sunburst it's a beaut. I have no idea of the year, but it's got a fair few knocks.

I've owned bother those guitars mentioned.

Sigma acoustic>Yamaha ERG 112
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