so i'm thinking about getting a 7 string for mostly metal. i just love the low end chunk it gives and the extra descending scale length and i'm just in love with 7's right now. im just worrying about hitting the lower string when i play, of course i wont be playing chords or anything if i am ill find a way to mute it but im just worryied about it getting in the way. could anyone tell me other problems i might encounter before i get used to it. other tips would be favorable.

thanks lots
it won't be a problem once you get used to it. after you play your 7 for a week (alternate between that and your 6), it'll be natural.

the only problem i've had with the 7 is the low B that came with it was a bit... thin. so it'd wobble if you hit it hard, and sometimes gets stuck under the edge of a pickup. go heavy bottom on the 7 - you'll be happy you did.
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Problems you'll encounter:
1) Reading tabs-you'll have to rework your thinking just a tad when reading tabs meant for 6 strings(because at first you'll get the strings confused)

2)Hitting the B string:: THis completely depends on your picking style. I mute my B string with the end of my finger so that it doesn't sound when I'm doing fast riffing on the E string, but otherwise if you have a tight enough picking style, you wont find this is a problem. It'll improve your technique either way.

3)AMp problems: Can your amp handle the low end nicely?
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In addition to was has been said, 7 string necks are not for everyone. Pick up the model you are planning on buying, and play it at the store thoroughly.
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