So my peavey nitro 1 came in the mail today. Good lord this thing is incredible. I called peavey with a small little glimmer of hope seeing if they had the parts i needed. Which was a locking nut assembly, a truss rod cover, and a whammy bar for the kahler tremolo. They didnt have any of them. I have no idea what type of kahler is on this thing, from reviews i read that its a kahler 2700, then i look at the pictures of the kahler 2700 and its definitely not mine.

If you guys could help me on this i would really appreciate it
im not sure if this applies to locking trems, but the normal tremolo on my guitar didnt have the bar when i bought it, and my guitar teacher just had one that was made for a strat laying around, and it fit perfectly. it works great. see if any of your friends just have like an extra bar laying around and see if it works.
good luck.
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I think you have to buy Kahler trem bars from kahler.

Do a search on here though, theres a few threads about.

yeah I think you do, the site is kahlerparts.com I think.
Send Kahler a picture of the guitar and trem and maybe they can identify it for you.
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I used to have one of those. It was my grandpa's and he lent it to me to start out on. It is a nice little guitar.