Now I definately would never use a real overdrive pedal on my "amp", but recently I really got into the Deluxe Reverb and while I definately won't purchase that amp for a while (in the process of buying a $1500-or-sumthin-like-that drum set), if I do purchase it, I'd need to replace the Boss(got it cause it sounded good with solid state) I have seen pretty much no reviews on this pedal at all and no guitar shops seem to have it, so it's obviously not very "popular". However, it's made by two great companies (MXR and Custom Audio Electronics) and it's got a seperate clean boost. So basically... any opinions on it?
Just keep your Muff'n, that should sound great through it.
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Yeah but I need another pedal. See right now I use that for all my crazier/fuzz type things.
But when I'm doing some funky funk or blues wah solos I use the boss becuase Id don't want to keep changing settings on the muff'n. So I wanted a good overdrive pedal to replace the boss because of what I use it for. I liked the Tubescreamers, but I wanted to look at something different.