Hey. I've been playing on and off for 8 years and I'm starting to get into the grooves of things with the guitar. Love the acoustic sound of the guitar, but lately I've been stumped on finding some nice acoustic songs to play. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Here are the songs I know how to play so far. Maybe you guys can figure out what kind of songs to suggest based on these songs:

Eric Clapton - Tears in Heaven
John Mayer - Daughters
John Mayer - Your Body Is A Wonderland
Jack Johnson - Sitting, Waiting, Wishing
Jack Johnson - Gone Going
Jack Johnson - Better Together
Corinna Bailey Rae - Put Your Records On
Beatles - Blackbird
Beatles - Let It Be
Jason Mraz - I'm Yours
Romance D'Amoure
Extreme - More Than Words
Plain white T's - Hey there delilah

Currently working on:
Tommy Emmanuel - Angelina
Eric Clapton - Classical Gas
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Look into some CCR. Bad Moon Rising is a song most people know.
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Classical Gas by Mason Williams ^^, if you're hardcore try the Tommy Emmanuel version...
Little Wing and Hey Joe both played by Hendrix although i think they were written by different people. Both sound very nice on acoustic.
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Peavey Delta Blues
mason williams-classical gas
andy mckee-drifting
you would probably like some stuff by iron and wine, like faded from the winter, naked as we came, and the trapeze swinger
Nick Drake - Day Is Done
Nick Drake - Fruit Tree

Almost all Nick Drake songs, tho he used some wierd turnings, but it sounds beautiful.
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