Took me about a half an hour to come up with these riffs and pour them in a standard hardcore song structure. Mainly influenced by Hatebreed and Boysetsfire. I'm not much of a drummer, so you'll have to imagine the fills. This should at least get a crowd moving.


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writing while listening to the midi file...

the intro sounds pretty cool.
also the part after it, the kinda bridge.
the part that comes, after the the second bridge is very cool, i really like it.
the finish is nothing special, but still pretty cool.

try adding some solos or vocals or some kind of lead, becouseit sounds a bit repetitive, at the bridge part at least.

not finished yet (at least in my opinion), but still nice stuff.
overall, 8.5/10.

btw, be welcomed to crit what ever in my sig .
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The opening riff does remind me of "Tough-Guy" Hardcore type of stuff. The only problem is that there's only 3 riffs and 2 are played throughout. This would probably be a good Intro, but you would just have to cut it in half. Also, having 2 guitars creates so much more variety and flavor to keep it from getting too boring.

Overall, it's a good start.
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It's okay, I prefer more melodic riffs but I like the breakdownish sound you have to it.
Its pretty good, some cool riffs in there.. Kinda repetitive though.

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Nice riffs I agree with the others who said it could use more variety maybe a few short yet fast and deadly solos overtop would be a good way to keep the crowd of moshers punching eachother in the faces
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