has anyone else ever had any. its an extremely highly caffinated energy drink. a local gaming store sells it around here. i was just wondering if they sold it anywhere else. they also sell this strange energy drink im assuming is from japan its called rammune or something like that... has anyone had that?
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I drink Coffee.

No I would never degrade myself into drinking something called "bawls"

No thank you sir.
I like Bawls in my mouth
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yeah i heard of an energy drink called cocaine. that **** must be so bomb.
i drink coffee also. dunkin donuts coffee has meth in it.
I had a bawls last night actually.. theyre very good and i have a case of like 16 of em in my room.......

and that **** thats from japan,, i think that may have trace amounts of drugs in it.. dont quote me on it though.
Yeah I've tasted it. I really like it. As you said, a LAN center around here sells it too.
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a place near me called lanshark sells it
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yeah i heard of an energy drink called cocaine. that **** must be so bomb.
i drink coffee also. dunkin donuts coffee has meth in it.

It is. Only they're not selling it as "Cocaine" anymore. The new label just says "insert name here"
it tastes kinda like that stuff they fill hummingbird feeders with (dont ask how i know that)
they sell it just about everywhere nowadays

and they had to rebrand Cocaine to avoid a lawsuit
its called Banned now
bawlz is amazing, but as far as energy goes, no energy drink is as good as cocaine as far as energy
My neighbor drinks this thing called Zap. It's garenteed to keep you up for 2 nights
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Yeah they sell that **** in a net cafe around here too. It tastes exactly like sugar water.

Bawls, despite a strange choice of name, is really good. Keeps me awake when I need to stay up and keeps me awake when I need to sleep.
this kid at my school was selling bawls during the last few days of school. everybody that had bawls were making bawls jokes like "can i put my on ur lap?" or "do u want to taste some balls?" When i tried bawls it was good, but i had a bad case of diarrhea.
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Bawls is quite good. I know they sell it at select CompUSA's, and 7-11s. They also sell canned Bawls at a convenient store at Hampton Beach in Hampton, NH.

But, if you want real energy, get someone 18+ to go into some kind of fitness store and buy you Redline. Drinking enough of it can actually kill you. But, drinking enough of it and not dying can also give you minor hallucinations, such as warped walls and lights that change color.
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I thought this was one of those, "I have strange bumps in my bawls" thread.
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Bawls is awesome... I used to live on those things till I found Boo-Koo.

They're nice and jolty and it tastes kind of like creme soda