Im going to be joining a band soon, and Im going to need a much bigger amp. Right now I have a 15 watt, which is fine for practice, but not suitable at all for performing or rehearsing.

So, I dont really need amp names cause I like to try out lots of stuff and pick what I like best, but about how many watts do I need? To give you some gauge of how loud the band is, the drummer has a visualite kit.
Go for the180 watt Ashdown 15-180, it'll set you back about £200 and you won't need to think about another amp unless you start gigging pretty big venues, and even then you'd be mic'ing the it.
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I recomend 250 watts or more..Assuming ur guitarist r gonna have around 60watts.
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yeah, get something around 250 watts...its nice and loud and you can be heard,,it's also good for shows. i use an ampeg BA115HP its 220 watts, i love it.
Ive heard beringher makes high wattage amps for reasonable prices, but i also heard they sound like ****. Whats the deal with those?
dont even mention behringer in here, it reeks of "noobdom" that no one will listen to you.
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