ok, well im now serioiusly considerinbg getting a schecter, the C-7 blackjack to be precise, however ive hit a problem, and that seems to be the ONLY UK SUPPLIER OF SCHECTERS IS OUT OF STOCK. well it says so on every guitar of that brand on the site, being soundcontrol.

ok, does anyone reckon if i ring up the site and say id like it they might reorder some in, or is it just shoddy and out of date.
plus any experience of people with this site might help.
if not, please can someone tell me where i can get one of these guitars!
Just forget it and buy a decent amp instead
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never ordered from them, but they havent had any of the good schecters in stock online for at least 6 months, and the staff in their shops are all pricks. just a heads up.