okay so i bought an old starforce guitar? for fun, for like 50 bucks. im pretty much amazed at how it plays to be honest. sounds pretty good to, definitely an 80s metal guitar. but i really hate black, and it was hideous to be honest.

So i figured id sand it down, and paint it, what the heck, no biggy. So i sanded it down to the wood, painted it with some furniture lacquer, that just looked terrible :

So i sanded that down :

Then i purchased some auto paint in arctic white and gave that a go :

5 coats of that, 3 coats of rub on polyurethane afterwards, turned out really nice. Then i levelled the frets using a quite unconventional method. Take the nastiest sand paper i could find, like 75 or 100... painters tape, and a 400 grit paper, and a damp washcloth... Put the painters tape on the fretboard between the high fret, sand the crap out of it with the 100, whiping with the damp cloth every 10 seconds or so, then fine sanding with the 400 once it was where i wanted. i honestly forgot which ones i sanded because i cant tell, it worked really well i was very surprised...

the pickguard was 100% diarrhea. all the electronics were scratchy, had frayed wires, neck pickup didnt even work. rewired all of those with some lead wire i purchased at home depot and some of the pickup wire that was already in there, no hum, works 100% now. The tremolo is going to go soon, i got a floyd rose coming, its routed already, i took care of that. here is the finish product!

That turned out kickass, dude.
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awsum man...youve done a really great job with the guitar...and yeep sure did look hideous
It looks awesome but to make it all 80s hair metal put a Lime green pickguard on lmao.
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i want an 80's guitar for $50
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