Just announced on Canadian news (or i just heard about it) that Van Halen has 50 tourdates scheduled for North America. The official release (announcement) of their reunion will take place in Los Angeles on Monday. (all was said on news)

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that news was posted on this site too. just so you know.

It wasn't official, though. They said it was, what "expected it would be announced next week," or something.
Gunpowder: FUCKING ROCKS!!!
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Gunpowder FUCKING ROCKS!!!!!

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Gunpowder you fucking rock!!

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ROFL better luck next time !
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Yeah, it was wierd...I was watching something about the trapped miners, and all of a sudden the chick was talking about Van Halen But, even though it confused me...I still think it's pretty great Van Halen's reuniting.
I think its cool eddie's son is gonna be playing bass, idk how good he is but its still cool
It's not gonna happen, don't get your hopes up
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Without Mike it's going to suck.
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