So I wrote this and its horribly horrible. Anyone know what to fix it? Also. Where the line is. I dunno what to put there? any suggestions? Or should I just erase it all together and start over?

"Im okay" She said.
As tears fell and blood dripped.
The monster of her past is tearing at her heart.
Like ---------------------
What she had done she can not erase.
She lost one and will lose again.
Everday asking herself "Why?"
Making it harder and harder to go on.
She will not be forgivin of that day.
The day that haunts her.
She sits there.
Waiting. Hoping. Cutting.
As the knife slices through her cold flesh,
The pain numbs her.
All emotions dissappear.
How could it come to this?
This life of nothing but regret and dispair.
Please give the rules (at the very top) the once over then you can repost this.
Filth, pure filth... That's what you are.