This is the product of my first recording on an MBox2 so let me know what you think of both the music and how it sounds quality wise.. www.myspace.com/cougamellencamp and it should be the first song on the list..

any feedback welcomed.. link me your music and i'll check it out.. thanks

The intro remembered me woman from wolfmother, maybe it's juste me, anyways.

To be the most honest possible and stay in a neutral opinion:

I think that your rythm guitar is too much close of the volume levels of your lead work, which gets some shadow from the first, maybe turn the volume up for lead and down a little bit the rythm. The rest is not the bomb but still enjoyable, maybe add lyrics ?

To finish on another note- maybe try rythm guitar with chords that are left ringing a la you've got another thing coming, that would probably make everything sound very different but experiments make room for improving eh ?
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i dig it, i disagree with gabe, i actually think everything is great, volume-wise. some people (guitar players hehe) tend to make the lead instrument too loud and everything else too quiet. the balance of everything together was really good instead. it rocks pretty nicely and is a bit groovy as well. very cool work.

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Sounds awesome man. I love the first riff (lead and rhythm), it blended together perfectly and it's really catchy. I also agree and think the volume levels are fine where they are. I think this song deserves some lyrics and needs to be made a little longer because it's too good of a start to leave it at that. And the laugh at the end was sweet lol.

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hah yeah, i found that laugh on one of the effects kits on the keyboard and felt it had to be included.. and yeah lyrics/vocals are def a must before this is really a finished song and i'm working on that but i can't sing so a bit of a roadblock there.. and thanks you guys, i appreciate the good feedback.. going to crit yours now

The guitar tone almost reminded me of Iggy pop and the stooges actually. Wasn't really bad at all and in like the volume levels of the two guitars. Some vocals could easily be put in there if you could find a decent singer.

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nice tone....the songs are overall great...not much to crit...vocals are needed to make it not bland
I like the song, definitely like the bass in the back with the overdriven guitar. Sounds very good.

IMO, solo had a wierd type of distortion, may want to change it up to something goin more with rhythm guitar, and maybe keep the rhythm guitar going during that solo. Although, purely my opinion and sounds pretty good as is.

Some vocals would add a whole lot to this song.

7/10. Could get 8 or 9 depending on vocals. Cool song.

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nice songs man...i was just cheking em out..you guys are pretty creative...the riffs are nice