I think they're really underrated. Greg Sage is incredible. Any thoughts on them?
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i heard j mascis say he ripped off greg sage's playing a lot more than anyone else. i've heard their myspace stuff once but i was pretty inattentive, i should listen again. btw j told me himself, which is how i heard....
I would recommend Nothing Left to Lose, which you can probably hear on Youtube, Way of Love Someplace Else, Taking Too Long, Romeo, Better Off Dead, No Solution, D7, and My Vengeance. I got a lot of it off iTunes 'cause I couldn't find it anywhere else. somewhat here, you know J? pretty cool.
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Well, you never know. Anyway, I think they started out as a recording project, I know greg isn't too interested in guitar. He plays a left handed guitar even though he's right handed. They inspired Dinosaur Jr., The Melvins, Mudhoney, and Nirvana. I recomend checking them out.
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yeah, they're incredible. i need to find some good tabs of them though.
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Ah the Wipers are pretty cool. They must be influenced by Wire - I can definitely spot the influence. I need to get hold of an album of theirs. I only have mp3s.
^ if you go to Interpunk.com, there's a Wipers Boxed Set that contains their first three albums on CD. It's about 20 bucks, I definitely recommend it...

But the reason why I'm resurrecting this long-dead thread:


I can't figure out what it's called or which album it's from. It starts off with a really slow, sad electric guitar intro. And Greg sings something like "I wonder how it's been, your ship came in." Then when the drums start and it gets faster, he says something like "explain it, explain it."

Does anybody know what song I'm talking about?
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