hey guys, me and a few friends started a band in january 2007 and weve made some progress!
a few members quit and more joined and more quit and its been a long hard struggle but weve played about a dozen shows all around connecticut and we are currently in the studio recording our ep!
the songs on our page are about a month old and they were recorded with a computer microphone in a basement! hahahahah
not to worry! the EP is being recorded at a studio!
so check our stuff out and thank you for your support!!!!

Grats on sounding like crap.
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The concept of "insert happiness here" was alright, despite the name and multi-colored hair. Just learn some theory, tune your guitar and get a drummer who knows how to play a beat. Oh yeah, the proper way to tune your guitar is EADGBE. Maybe in your case it's DADGBE. If you have no idea what i'm talking about, then here's a pretty good video.


I can also give you the name of my barber. He's very cheap, but long hair styles are extra. He's also a bit testy. Try dying your hair a normal color before you see him. He may call you something not unlike "Little Girl" "Sweetie Pie" "Delila" "Miss" "Pus" or "Queer Fart". So just ask.

I'm so booored
...I was just about to compliment you on taking my **** comment well until you posted that.

Anyway, besides the fact that the actual recording sucks, you guys still sound like crap.
Fender '72 Telecaster Deluxe Reissue -> Korg Pitchblack Tuner -> Boss PS-5 -> EHX Big Muff -> MXR EVH Phase 90 -> Menatone Pleasure Trem 5000 -> Line 6 Verbzilla -> MXR Carbon Copy -> Boss RC-2 -> Peavey Classic 50
i posted this to "check out my band" and to listen to us, not have you guys sit behind a computer and pick on kids like a 30 year old fata$$ who lives with his mother trying to find a cute girl on a online datings site but cant get anything. we are goin farther than you can go in a movie theater with your 11 year old gf.
Listen Barbie, My crit was as good as anyone elses. Mine was from the heart. It was also a life lesson. People in this world can be douche bags. Other people can also suck at their instruments. Then again, honesty is travesty. OH LOOK! Another homo-erotic song title for your "band". Free of charge. As for your 11 year old girlfriend comment or whatever. I resent that. Bands like yours are exactly one dime per dozen. If you go far, I want you to personally come to my hometown and kick me in the testes. People can be wrong. But do not forget, it goes E A D G B E. In addition, please stop stealing your younger sister's jeans. One more thing, Daisy, if you're seriously influenced by paperclips and other random office supplies, as stated on your website, it shows.

Nice usage of the dollar signs when you were referring to the rear end. Cla$$y.
Alright dude, i have to say the little fit you had wasn't cool, the reason people post things about their bands is to have people crit your stuff and to see what you can improve on and do to make your stuff better, because every band (unless your famous, but still) needs some improvement in some catagory.

And i'd have to say that you guys don't have that great of music either, but you need to work on the beat a little bit and don't rush through making a song.

My band has been going since about the same time as yours also. It will take a while til you get some good material, don't just take the first thing that roles off your mind. Improve it and work on it some. Good luck with it and keep practicing your stuff, possibly learn some of other peoples tunes to get a feel for stuff also.
I liked the intro to "Insert Happiness Here"

But then your drummer ruined the song with his awful beat...sorry but its his beats are TERRIBLE
"Time has fallen asleep in the afternoon sunshine"
well.. i don't want to say all the "****" you guys have made is bad. Some of guitar rifs sounded okay, and some was s.h.i.t and I really had the drum sound. But i think you need to take more time on your songs
if you guys didnt rush the recordings this could be better, you can hear the guitarist get off time and flunk notes. and somebody is out of tune. the leading guitar i guess in the intro/chorus or whatever seems like the culprit. live though this could be fun material though.