Okay, well I've been playing guitar for a while now, and I just started to learn scales. I'm starting with the pentatonic scales and I had a problem. I alternate pick my way up the scale, but when I go back down, do you keep with the pattern, or do I switch it.
For example, do I go:
d u d u d u d u d u d u then d u d u etc.
d u d u d u d u d u d u then u d u d etc.
I'm sorry if i didn't explain it very well. Anyways, I feel that when I go faster, it's more comfortable switching it (2nd example), but maybe that's just because I've been practicing it that way.
So, is there a 'right' way, or does is it just preference?
Thanks for your help
strict pattern, if youre keeping in tempo it shouldnt be a problem tho.
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I guess strict alternate pattern at first.... as in keep your first hit an upstroke always.

later when you've gotten better at keeping tempo you can use Economy picking... which although harder to do right, is a lot more comfortable and faster.
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Stick with the pattern unless you are intentionally changing the pattern.

And anytime i'm practicing runs, i like to start with a down pick, then next time start with an up pick. You would be surprised at how many people have a hard time starting with an up pick.
yeah, strict alternate.
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Thanks for the replies everyone, I guess I'll have to go back and change that before it gets stuck then.