Allright, this is going to be really obscure, but.
Theres a song i'm trying to find, at the start it's mostly a guitar riff that goes

On the G string (or thats how it sounds to me)
The whole song starts off building on that riff, and then the drums come in, and it seems like it's going into a really heavy riff and it breaks into 8 bars of a techno-ish noise, just echo, then after that the singer screams "Well i scream well i scream" (thats what it sounds like) and the song starts, and inbetween a new riff he screams "Yeah, (something something motion, come on (something something)"
It used to be on much loud advertisements, and i recently heard it on the radio but could'nt figure it out.
Thanks in advance for any help.
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it sounds like as cities burn. but thats probally cause im listening to their new album.
man they've been playing that on the radio station I listen to for their ska/punk show ad and it's been driving me crazy too
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I don't know about the thread started but that is the song I was looking for. Thanks a lot man!