i wrote a new song, really short acoustic instrumental.

it's called "i might be on time"

funnily enough, it took me so long to finish that i was late for work this morning. but anyway


it should be the first song. and it should play automatically, but you know how myspace can be.

anyway thanks in advance
drape yourself in greenery, become part of the scenery
-British Sea Power
Musically, this is a very well arranged, composed, and harmonised song. I can't say much else about that. I think I heard on mistake. That's it.

As for the recording, it was panned in an interesting way, which made it even cooler, but every track sounded distorted in a bad way. You've either turned the input of your sound card way up or you've turned everything up full on your editing program. If it's the first thing, you have to leave it or re-record, and if it's the second, then just turn the tracks down.

One more thing is that the high frequencies were overwhelming on every bit of string noise, so I would suggest a low-pass filter or something on the 10k and above (probably less reduction at 10k than 20k).

Almost forgot, here's mine.
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thanks for the advice. it's been pretty tought for me to get anything to sound very clear using my computer microphone, but i'll try all that. thanks!
drape yourself in greenery, become part of the scenery
-British Sea Power
hey man, i just checked it out and it sounds good.. i'm listening to the others now, that first one was awesome, but there are some recording issues since you're using a computer mic, thats pretty much expected.. like a month ago, i was in the same boat so i know what thats like.. but musically, i like it man, i've listened to 2 of them so far..

oh and i added you on myspace too.. later man