I got a new song called 'Jellybeans and Lollipops'

weird name i know, feel free to crit the name if u thin kit's stupid, it deosnt reflect the song at all really :P


it should be the first song to play

crit it please and ofcourse i will crit ur song if u give me a link
Quite a thick guitar sound. A little muddy, though. The drums are horrible, but hell, it's a loop. Vocals are OK, and the panning on "Baby I love you" is cool. The bass is also low and muddy, but it kind of works.

Definitely if you're gonna use MIDI loops, use better ones, or program a better beat, but otherwise it's not a bad song. Everything is sitting where it should in the mix (bar drums, but I hate them, anyway). So, yeah... Keep at it.

Here's mine, if you're interested
yeh drums blow and the bass is just a guitar but changed to an octave lower on the computer

if u got any ideas how the drums should sound then tell me, it's easy enough to put a different drum loop thru
iv increased the quality of the song file and added a new drum track, hopefully it soudns better

tell me wot u think of the new drums and hopefully the guitars sound less muddy

also is the signing ok, it's a bit off kilter but i kinda want it like that but im wondering if it works?
The guitar is definetely still pretty muddy. The drums are still kind meh, the part where the hi-hat hits twice sounds really off. Also it might help if you have any way of bringing up the overall volume level of the song seeing as i had to really turn my speakers up to hear it and that makes the quality a little worse. Crit mine? Link in my sig..
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