Here's one I did a little while back. It's a little depressing, and the vacals aren't great, but it's an OK demo for a song on a concept album about shamans I'm doing with my brother. I do everything bar the solo and a couple of low harmonies. Crit for crit. It should be the last one (The World).


pretty neat track. the vocals aren't great, like you say, but i think you could inprove them well enough, you have a good enough voice. i didn't catch all the lyrics, but what i got was pretty cool, i like it. i think as a demo it's pretty quality man, keep it up.
drape yourself in greenery, become part of the scenery
-British Sea Power
interesting song man, it reminds me of a pink floyd song, it's cool, the melodies are cool, thine signing is a bit loud and as u said not the best, although at first even tho the signing is off, it seems kinad cool but after a while... yeh

the solo was pretty neat, it sorta changedt he direction of the song for a bit, it was nice, apart from the vocals it was great

and man i just noticed, WA represent