So here's the plan..i wanna order a hollowbodied strat body from warmoth. i was wondering about noise. i'm imagining this will create quite a bit of hum, what can i do to minimise this?
Shield it? with like.. copperspray or the things you can buy from warmoth... or even alu.foil
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Shielding is a very sensible way to get rid of 98% of field induced noise and really worth the efford.
An good alternative to sprays: Go to a shop that specializes in heating- and hot water installations. There they can sell you a roll of self adhesive aluminium foil. It's very easy to work with, much easyer and much less risky than conductive paints. Just clad the inside of all cavities containing electric components with the stuff. Don't forget to do the covers also (in your case the underside of the pick guard) Make sure there is a proper connection to the ground side of the electrical circuit and ready you are.