What do you want me to be?
Anything but me
What else should I do?
Maybe I'm the fool

Sold my soul
Sold my soul to play the role
Sold my soul
Sold my soul to make you whole

If I make you smile,
Promise you'll stay awhile?
Stay here by my side,
Give up all my pride

(Chorus again)

Oh how I need you
I'll take all the abuse
Just tell me one thing
That you'll never leave me

(Chorus again)

You were the end of me
I let myself be decieved
Please don't ever come back
Your just like a disease
I suppose it's OK. The verse's are just..predictable. The rhymes are too obvious I think, can't you throw in a bit of slang or metaphorical stuff to give it a bit more life? I think it's fine and it's probably great for it's genre but personally it's not my style.

I like the chorus though, until the "to play the role" and "to make you whole".. again they just seem like you've thought of the first thing that rhymed with soul and thrown it in. Maybe change that around a bit.

I don't know, I think it's a good bit of writing and like I said for it's genre it's probably mint but I don't really dig the style.

EDIT: love the "your just like a disease" at the end. makes the whole song for me.

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