Does anyone know where I can find a cheap Mockingbird? I've found a Bronze-Edition one, which has been reduced to £130 which is VERY cheap for a mockingbird... but are there better deals out there?
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Yeah normally they're around £500? Found it last night when I was online... bookmarked it and another site which was offereing the same guitar with this stylish scrathplate for £240, both very cheap, but anything cheaper than that would be legendary.
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I would recommend you stay away from the bronze series.
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Vauxite, you guys in the UK are kind of at a handicap with good deals on guitar. A bronze series here is no better or more expensive than a $100 squier. Be Rich is a company with no middle of the road guitar. Either they are great or they suck. In this case, bronze is at the bottom of this spread. If you want a BC Rich, look for a NJ series or higher.

That price would translate to almost $300 US for a used bronze mockingbird. That's just not good.

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Ok thanks guys, I'm glad I mentioned it on here, I'm still interested in buying a full Mockingbird... i've had a look on ebay but i'm sure i can hitch a better price than £400
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Bc rich mockingbird st -slash's signature one it has an original floyd rose and I found it for £389 on Thomann