Need help 2 find whats best for me. PC can only just run tonport though. Otherwise i think it might have already won. I have £200 to spend on hardware btw. O yeah and I want 2 record my mates drums in the Garage!


Your post is a little confusing to me

from what im getting you want to know whats best for you our of a DAW PC, TonePort on a PC or the micro BR recorder.

Micro BR:
Right away the BR is great for some things but it eats batteries and should be plugged in...so road use isn't great. On top of that it is a 4 track recorder but only does 2 tracks at once which isn't a lot.

These are USB and not as fast as the Firewire interfaces but work great. They will run on both PCs and Laptops and the amp mod. software is great...you may want to get different recording software for it though.

Digital Audio Workstation PC -
With this you will be able to record any # of tracks but your recording card will limit you to how many tracks you can record at one time.
For a cheap setup you can get a m-audio 2496 card which has 2 inputs, 2 outputs, and a set of I/O jacks...all in RCA....oh yea it also has a MIDI in and out. Its only $100 but works good for what its made to do.

With a DAW PC you'll need a sound card, analog mixer, and wires...lots of them...

To get the setup thats right for you set a budget and get yourself over to these two links and start looking up gear thats best for your prices:

Okay, Ive just been over to a Music Store. Toneport Sounds Great but I dont want to run the risk of no compatibility. The DAW option sounds a little complex and expensive to me. So I guess I'll go down Multi-Track Recorder Route.

I have so far spotted the Tascam DP-01 & DP-01 FX, Boss BR-600 and Micro BR, Fostex MR-8HD and MR-8mkII

Anyone got any advice. I will want to record A little bit of Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Drums and Most importantly Guitar And Vocals!!

I can now stretch to £250 Inclusding mics and AC adapters!!
i hate to say this but :

spend your money on an 8 track mixer now with phantom power, then
get a shure SM57 to record guitar, vocals, and a snare drum
get a kick drum mic
get a MXL 990/991 for overhead drum mics (it actually works great on this) and its exceptional on recording acoustic guitars

i have a toneport, its awesome but you can't record drums with 2 mics.
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true, if he wants to record drums the best way to go is with a mixer and DAW PC.
you'll be able to record more mics at one time.

You could get like a TonePort or other interface and feed an analog mixer into it.

Say the Yamaha MG series mixer into the line 6 TonePort UX2 or UX1
The Line 6 Monkey says I have 384mb of ram. Under Minimum specs. When it says 512mb of Ram does that include the Graphics Card.
Because mine GC eats into my ram 128mb!
How are the MW10/12 Yamaha mixers. They seem too be audio interfaces too. Well thats what they are filed under.
Quote by Little-Legs
what about a mixer in to toneports line inputs or watever

That will work as well. Yamaha MG mixers are pretty good, but are definitely not audio interfaces.

Now to all the other noobs who will read this and then think they HAVE to a have a mixer: if you need to record a lot of mics (such as when reocrding drums) and don't have a lot of cash to spend a mixer can be a big help. For anything else they are pretty useless.
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Good call

Man, you should be a mod, you know everything.

I've never used those before...but do trust most Yamaha gear.

I have heard good from this item though:

I still think a Yamaha MG mixer and something like the Toneport UX2 would be better quality though...

As posted above, you wont need a mixer...just an interface if you don't plan on micing a drum set.
for drums its best to use more than 2 mics though and at that point you'll need at least 4 inputs so a mixer is needed as most interfaces only have 2 XLR inputs.

384mb RAM sounds a little off...I've never heard of that amount before but even so, it's low.
Did you right-click "My Computer" and look under "Properties"?

I'm sure an upgrade to 1GB ram would be good for your computer....more ram on a DAW PC is always a good thing as your recording software will be able to keep up with all the audio input and output.

Have a look through this:

edit, looked up prices on the MW12 mixer and at $300 thats high for a mixer of that size...
You would be just as good feeding an analog mixer like the MG 12/4 into the interface.
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i saw it on www.turnkey.co.uk . MW10 is £79.99 (clearance) Lower price than a MG102C £89.99

MW-12 is £119.99
I'll reasearch alesis more thanks
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