Hey there sexy people!

Im sorry if this post is done in a bit of a rush, i have to dash off out in a sec, any information you need at all just ask though, like most people im happy to go on about my gear! Ill cut straight to it, im selling 1 guitar and 2 amps -

ESP-LTD EC-1000 Deluxe - See through black cherry - Fantastic guitar, EMG 81/85 active pickups, locking tuners, mahogany body, rosewood fretboard, full abalone binding on body neck and headstock, abalone inlays, you know the deal, this is the business! Its in damn good condition although im telling you now its been played hard - it can take it, and trust me you will play it hard too, its not a guitar for hanging on the wall (does anyone else hate that?), it was bought new 8 months ago, it has never been gigged although it does have one small chip on the back, just a bit of finish, its the size of about a quarter of a 5p piece to give you some perspective, theres buckle rash and that but not through to the finish, theres some surface scratches on the top but really small, only visible when the light hits them, you know what i mean? This is by far the nicest EC1000 ive ever seen, heard or played, the finish is stunning, its not split down the middle like some of them are you know? the quilt runs smooth over the entire body, beautiful!

Marshall JCM2000 TSL601 Combo - 60 Watts full valve combo with spring reverb, FX loop, tone shift control, deep boost control, 3 channels, celestion 'wolverine' speaker, full eq for clean channel, shared eq for overdrive and lead channel, 5 way footswitch included for clean channel, overdrive channel, lead channel, reverb and FX, presence control, fx mix level control, all channels with seperate volume as well as master volume, again, damn good condition, no cosmetic or technical problems at all - one hundred percent tip-top. Oh actually for some reason the tubes need 2 mins to heat up properly if you start playing clean, god knows why, they crackle a little if not fully hot, you should give your amp a good warm up anyway so this isnt really an issue! I would rave about the awesome sound of this amp but im later than late now.

Epiphone Valve Junior Modded to hell and back head - 5w all tube - This is an ex-Epi VJ head that has been completely remade into a boutique amp, circuit board point to point wired, bigger capacitors added, output transformer changed to a Hammond 125DSE (one of the biggest and highest quality transformers you can literally find for this amp), all originally stock problems with the amp fixed, standby switch added, triode/pentode switch added (you can run the amp at a full 5 w or at triode level, 1/3 power = 1.8ish watts), inbuilt speaker attenuator added (you can crank it fully and then simply lower the speaker output - 100% full valve and preamp distortion at any volume), tone control added, drive control for gain added, master volume for power amp added, as well as 3 seperate gain stages for clarity or breakup as well as 3 bias voicings for clean, fender champ type gain or high gain. This is killing me to part with, by the way it has been entirely professionally modded, i didnt do it, a company named RAT electronics has transformed a great epiphone valve junior amp into an incredible boutique head, with a good cabinet and some v30s this is a force to be reckoned with! Ive only had it a month, its the most brand new thing out of anything that could ever be brand new ever.

Im open to offers for all items, to give you an idea of prices i bought the EC1000 for £395 new, the Marshall for £595 new and the Modded Epi VJ head for £295 new.

So yeah, offers, i can ship the ESP and the VJ head, the Marshall would be very tricky so please talk to me about shipping that, if you want to collect thats great, I live in Manchester (about 20 mins from the city centre)

Thanks a lot for your time and requests for more pictures are fine, please only if you are honestly interested though, im a bit busy.

Sorry for the overall picture, it shows what im selling though!

Diezel, Motherfucker
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trades? im intrested in the les paul shape

EDIT: just realized your in the UK nevermind.
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Im sorry but they would have to be incredibly specific trades you know? The only things im looking for at the moment is an orange rocker 30 combo, fender telecaster and maaaaaybe an ibanez prestige, sorry for being difficult
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Can you ship everywhere?
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are i am from Manchester , i have a schecter helraiser that i would trade for youre ec1000 if you was interested in trades , will you pm me with the prices you want because i interested in all the things you selling
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Ghost bass - sorry man, i will edit the title to say UK listing to avoid confusion

Nocomment - I will ship the amp and the VJ head anywhere, aaaanywhere, the marshall i doubt i can ship at all, i have nothing resembling a box for it!

Tiny0514 - Cheers for the interest, i used to have a Hellraiser FR, we didnt get along so well

ibaRGnez321 - how did that get there...
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I will consider all reasonable offers, although no trade offers, sorry, you will almost certainly be wasting your time here!

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is 100 quid for the EC1000 a resonable offer? (im trying my luck here )

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If you were in America, I'd offer up stuff for the EC. I always liked ECs moreso than my Viper.
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This is my 5th account and I still havn't made any friends

My Rig
ESP Viper 1000
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I may be interested in the Epi VJ. Do you have any soundclips?
Cheers for interest guys, 100 quid is a little bit cheap cant blame a guy for trying though, as for the soundclips - give me till about 6 tomorrow, ill stick some clips of the epi vj, clean and overdriven, its a bit late for decent recording now, hope thats alright?
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RIGHT, ive finally got some clips, and got them uploaded and that, i must just completely fail at the internet, took me ages to get it uploaded!

Anyway, these clips are of the modded epi head, all recorded with my MIM strat, no effects, not even any reverb, shocking, no trickery, and no skill. I was using an absolutely crap mic, i really apologize for how quiet it is! It still gives you an idea of what this head can do, and obviously, its a million times better in reality!

well lets try this -


Can i ask a favour, if anyone listens to this can you tell me if it has actually worked? I dont trust myself and technology.
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How much for the TSL? However, i am Australian if thats any concern.
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Is the cab included with the Valve Junior Head? I can probably come up to collect.
Close up picture of the VJ Head?
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Sorry, I aint selling the ESP for 200 quid, thats crazy talk

To Bluestrat - The cabinet is for sale, its gonna be mighty pricey though, recto cabs are about £900 new, this is mint condition, im looking for at least £750, im open to offers though

For the TSL....I dont know really, the only problem is I have literally nothing to ship it in, I wouldnt know where to start!

Pic up close of the VJ Head

Diezel, Motherfucker
i realy want youre tsl , i live in manchester 2 , i will trade u for a dsl 100 head
Can i ask a favour, if anyone listens to this can you tell me if it has actually worked? I dont trust myself and technology.

sounds nice
so where did you get your VJ?
just in case its gone already.
thank you for the beautiful picture
Nah its still for sale, I got it from this independant company - rat electronics, that hot rods amps, they have made some incredible hot rod blues juniors, i wanted an awesome 5w head though ,which has to go I just need cash and this is now not a necessary part of my rig, damn it.

Also, tiny0514 -i was almost tempted but im selling my mesa cabinet so a head wont be any use to me, sorry man!
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Thats a damn nice offer man, what speakers does the randall 4x12 cab have?
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being lazy.


the guitar on teh far right, how much for it? its dead nice.

Nah I think im going to give it a miss, im trying to downsize a bit and I think getting another halfstack might be the wrong direction, good luck though!

Also to eggy - sorry man, i sold it last night, £290, super bad luck
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SHAME , we dont live to far away aswell , no need for poastage and suff , if u change mind let me know
Sorry man, it was sold months ago! Got everything sold actually, only thing still for sale is the ESP EC1000, so if anyones interested in that send reasonable offers!
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