I'm making a 7 string electric I'd like to sound a little unique as far as natural tone goes. Heres my wood options. The Fretboard is Ebony

My options are these -

Red Oak
Black Walnut

What would sound good together, and still keep a lot of character? I was thinking Maple neck and Mohagany body for a good amount of sustain (deep set in neck) and overwound pickups to hopefully make a good lead guitar, with rythm option, but other options have come to mind. I've considered Mohagany neck with Black walnut body, for a deep low end and just put on some very overwound pickups for what would hopefully turn out to be a unique tone all to its own, and I've also though of an ash body with Red oak neck, with the hope that the oak, because of not being a tone wood, would give me some interesting tones to shape.

Any idea's?
I think you shouldnt take popular, maple and ash, as the whole body woodbecause popularis not great tone wise unless you want some cheap wood then go for it. Maple is really heavy but it could make a nice top and has a nice tone too. As for Ash its also very heavy and dense, unless your talking about swamp ash then in that case, its quite the opposite of ash, because its very light and has a great tone aswell!