So people have been saying that I lost my touch in composing Symphonic metal and that I can not do it anymore and so that's why I started composing Acoustical ambient with piano stuff.

Thats bullcrap, the only reason I stopped composing symphonic metal is that it takes a hell lot of effort and sweat and nobody really gives a crap.

I composed something that proves I still got it

The song is called dark destiny and the link is in my signature.

PS: terribly sorry for the rant but it's true, only 2-3 people here like my music and don't expect something in return..
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Hey man, I've never been a fan of the style, and your music's not my taste (I prefer garagey stuff) but I respect the talent in that no end. It's very good indeed.
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Well I haven't heard any....
Typing while listening...
Wow, such a powerful intro, the drums sound immense, and the singing is...awesome. What are you using to record? And what brass instrument are you using? I love the melodies between the low and high instrument, and the complex plucking around the 1 minute mark.
All the instruments fit in well together. I'd love to hear some of your "bad" songs.
The song changes quite a lot, but I like that, all of it has the same feel to it though which is good. This sounds like a studio production (I've seen a lot of the crap on these forums so I know what I'm talking about )
The drums are insane, like at 2:43, really nice outro.
Overall an awesome piece, I don't believe I've ever said that on these forums
If you have time, crit my song "falling" in my sig, totally opposite to what you're diong but...yeah
Listening while typing:

Good intro... kinda sounds Midi'd though... I'd like to hear it produced so it sounds less electronic if possible. I like the high pitched plucking, like the thing that sounds almost harpsichord-ish or keyboard-ish or whatever.

I really like how you kept the up-down of the strings in the background, but again... it feels like it needs to be less electronic to get the full impact (Which I realize is hard to accomplish without an orchestra at hand). I really like the epic feel to the whole song... and the drums sound GREAT. The Speed metal style of guitar in the intro really makes the song for me, I think it is by far the most impressive part of teh whole song. The song feels very complete and well composed... I do kinda wish there was some style of metal solo in it though, almost a thrash style in there... but that is my personal opinion too, and its definitely your piece, so do as you will.

Overall I almost get the feeling you are telling some type of dark epic fairytale, and this is the background music too it... its like the dark night has just overcome the good knight in a sense... it just gives a great dark aura. I'm very impressed with how much of the "anger" this puts out.

Overall: 8.5 out of 10. Definitely one of the better composed pieces I've heard... and given a full orchestra at your disposal this could be monumental.
Quote by ZanasCross
like the thing that sounds almost harpsichord-ish or keyboard-ish or whatever

that's pizzicato strings, lol..

Thanks a lot for your crit man.. yeah, I made this song in 20 minutes, don't expect much, lol.
I put a dollar in a change machine. Nothing changed.
Cool intro -- a lot going on there. Maybe a little too much keyboard in the beginning - I think I may have heard 3 to 4 layers. Although at 0:55 it worked real well with the piano/synthesizer riff.

A strong lead guitar through more of the song would add a lot to the song. Song reminds me of possibly a soundtrack to a videogame without such a riff - although I wouldn't consider that a bad thing at all.

Overall, very well put together. I don't think I'd have the patience to write something like this. 7/10.

Check out mine if you get a chance: Link
Man I just tried checking out your song but myspace keeps messing up, as it always does I'll try again later and see if it works (it usually does).
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very very cool man! what do you use for drums?
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You redid it I see, and changed the name a little bit, haha. I love the pizzacato strings in this, I think it carries the whole song along very nicely. it retains the same theme while still changing around, which makes for a really solid song. Everything sounds great, keep up the great work!