Can Someone tell me what film this is from? Its got Steve Vai in it, and the song "Eugene's Trick Bag" from Flex-Able. I know that's a lame amount of information but it looks like a good film and I want to buy it.

P.S It's seems to be set in the south of the U.S, in the wild west times.
The film, Crossroads (1986)
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Make sure you get the right one though, the other one's got Britney Spears in it.
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The name of the film is crossroads, and it is set in mississippi in the mid 1980's. Great film and excellent blues music in it, may be a little difficult to come by in england because the film it's self is not known all to well in the U.S, more along the lines of a cult classic movie. but would definitely be worth an in depth search for it, good luck!!
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I've seen the movie. I mean, there's no deepgoing story or great writing involved, but It's still an amusing movie to watch, mostly as a musician it is. I think it would be less appealing to people who would have no understanding of the guitar or any instrument for that matter.
Yep, I bought it without seeing it after this old guitarist I met once told me I had to see it if I was a real guitarist, it's made of win, so get it.
you're telling me its hard to find...and I can only find it available on region 1. I don't have a multi region player, and even if I did, it turns out they put a "code" on it to stop it being played. Why TF would they to that? Just losing customers. Now I may have to get it illegally from the internet.
I tried downloading it once...Turned out to be the Britney Spears movie...

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I tried downloading it once...Turned out to be the Britney Spears movie...


Hah. I downloaded the movie too, but got the right one.

I remember downloading the Naruto movie, but it wasn't even out yet (which I didn't know, I thought it was). It turned out to be a spanish porn movie.

win-win then
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