...you guys ever play it?
If you want to shine like the sun first you must burn like it.
Why would we do that?
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*chuckle* A peanut. With a face.

Go to your staff paper and re-write this song a half step down so on the paper it'll be like you have a "C" just move it down to a "B#"

Know your theory, then play like you don't.



Red steel > Halo 1,2 + 3

Wii > The universe
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Jesus made the guitar. Who else??

Is the sky blue?

No, it isnt. It just looks that way due to the refraction of light.

So, yes. I play Halo 2.

+!p3: ^^^ and Wii sucks. Its a poor excuse for a console, made only slightly bearable by the novelty of putting the remote through your TV screen.
nope, I live under the world's biggest rock.
They say good things come in small packages. You know what else comes in small packages? Unrelenting pain and horror.
What is that some kind of religious propaganda?
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uh i googled Rosie Palm, nothing except gloves...
I haven't...
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Halo 2? Whats that?

It's a game involving rocks, a piece of paper, some marbles, and a bent paper-clip.

Id go into detail about the rules, but it is very confusing.


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Red steel > Halo 1,2 + 3

Wii > The universe

You just compared a game to another game that hasn't even come out yet, double fail.
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Beaches of Normandy in vain

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oooh look at me, i'm clincher, internet tough guy

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