I'm going to be getting an Epi LP Custom really soon and put in a Duncan S-4 JB in the bridge. Is it easy to swap pups myself or should i just take it into guitar center or something and have them do it? If you know how much it is to have them do it, i'd like to know the price too.
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Its easy enough to do yourself really. Just practice soldering on some bits of cable and metal first.

Its a good skill to have ^_^
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GC charges about $40 per pup. that's really nuts.

if u want u can buy a soldering iron kit from radio shack, follow the directions on the kit on how to solder.

and then use the directions in the SD package as to what wires get connected.

also, u can check back in here if u run into trouble.

to get an idea here's a video...

also, most small shops charge closer to $20.

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