Im trying to find a cd by this band called Delirious Nomad, released in 85. One of my favorites of all time. Anyone know where to get a copy? Ive tried their label and numerous other places but the best I can find is a used copy, on LP. If anyone can help me out here I would greatly appreciate it.

I want to get my band to do a cover of Nervous Man, but I cant recall all the parts. Im desperate.

Bump again, jesus Ive never seen so many people who cant even say anything to help out.

Are you all so leet, you cant help unless its your problem????
Have you triyed thier website for more info or at least contact info?
Hit them up at My Space. They are very dedicated and will respond.
check here.....

Hit me up if all else fails and I will ask them for you.
My anger managment class is really starting to piss me off!!
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great disc, i got it but it is real hard to find and when you do, its expensive since it hasn't been re-released. best bet is too just keep looking on ebay
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